Patients Reviews

I had been searching for a Doctor that clearly understood the pain that I have been experiencing for nearly 3 straight years. I was getting more and more discouraged as the years past by. I encourage everyone to discuss their pain in detail to their Primary Care Provider (PCP) because, they have a network of Specialized Doctors and have the ability to send the details them. To my good fortune, My PCP, Dr. Omar Akhtar (Silver Cross Hospital) which, by the way is imo the absolute best PCP, referred me to Dr. Hussein. Dr. Hussein understood exactly what I stating to him regarding my pain and immediately knew what actions to take. That statement revitalized me and I instantly jumped at the offer. He performed the procedure and for the 1st time in 3 years I'm able to walk properly with minimal to no pain. I am very appreciative to Dr. Hussein and his staff (Sameera) amongst others, for their dedication to their profession and want to apologize to them for being such a jerk throughout the process. Frustration and constant pain does make me act like that. Also, their operating facility easily rivals the best hospitals in the U.S., & the nurses are professionals and very welcoming. Sam Zattair.

Islam Z. | Apr 03, 2024